Nagaland: Discovering the Natural Wonders of the Northeast!


Nagaland, in India’s northeastern region, is a land of spectacular natural beauty and lively culture. Nagaland is an ideal location for environment lovers and adventure seekers, with its lush green hills, meandering rivers, and rich animals. But, in addition to its natural beauty, Nagaland has a rich cultural heritage, with a fascinating history and distinct traditions that have been preserved for decades.

We’ll take you on a tour through Nagaland, discovering its hidden treasures and enjoying its rich culture and natural beauty in this blog.

Getting to Nagaland:

Nagaland has excellent air, train, and road connections to major Indian cities.

  • By air: The nearest airport is Dimapur Airport, which is around 70 km from Kohima, Nagaland’s capital city. Visitors can take a taxi or a bus from the airport to their destination.
  • Rail: The nearest railway station is at Dimapur, which is well-connected to major Indian cities including Kolkata, Guwahati, and Delhi. Visitors can take a taxi or a bus from the railway station to their destination.
  • By road: Nagaland is well-connected by road to major cities in Northeast India. Regular buses and taxis run between Nagaland and the other Northeastern states. For a more pleasant travel, visitors can also hire a private cab or automobile.

Where to stay:

Nagaland has a variety of lodging alternatives to suit every budget. There is something for everyone, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels and homestays. Hotel Japfu in Kohima, Whispering Pines Resort in Khonoma, and Hotel Grandeur in Dimapur are among the preferred choices.

Exploring Nagaland’s Natural Beauty:

Nagaland, with its lush green hills, meandering rivers, and rich animals, is a land of amazing natural beauty. Here are some of the best places to visit in Nagaland for nature lovers:

  • Dzukou Valley: Located on the border of Nagaland and Manipur, the Dzukou Valley is a haven for hikers and environment lovers. The valley is well-known for its attractive hiking routes, vibrant flowers, and breathtaking panoramic vistas.
  • Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary: The Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers an area of 202 square kilometers, is home to a rich mix of flora and species. Several endangered species, including the Hoolock Gibbon, Sloth Bear, and Binturong, call the sanctuary home.
  • Japfu Peak: The highest peak in Nagaland, standing at 3048 meters, is Japfu Peak. The mountain is well-known for its magnificent hiking trails, breathtaking panoramic views, and diverse flora and fauna.

Experiencing Nagaland’s Rich Culture:

Nagaland has a rich cultural legacy, a fascinating history, and distinctive traditions that have been passed down through generations. Here are some of the best places to visit in Nagaland to immerse yourself in Nagaland’s rich culture:

  • Kohima War Cemetery: Located in Kohima, the Kohima War Cemetery honors the men who died during World War II. The cemetery is a calm and pleasant environment with well-kept plants and a solemn mood.
  • Naga Legacy Village: The Naga Heritage Village, located on the outskirts of Kohima, is an excellent destination to learn about Nagaland’s rich cultural legacy. The village features a collection of authentic Naga dwellings, each representing a separate tribe, where visitors can learn about the Nagas’ distinct culture and traditions.
  • Hornbill Festival: The Hornbill Festival, held every year in the first week of December, is a celebration of Nagaland’s rich culture and traditions. Traditional dances, music, and food, as well as a variety of other cultural activities, are featured at the festival.

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Budget Tips:

  • Stay at a budget hotel: Nagaland has a variety of budget-friendly hotel options, including guesthouses, homestays, and budget hotels. These alternatives provide clean, comfortable rooms at reasonable pricing.
  • Eat at local eateries: Nagaland is well-known for its delectable local food, and there are numerous local cafes that serve good meals at moderate costs. For the most authentic cuisine experience, seek out small roadside shops and local cafes. and here are some Nagaland famous food you should try at least once “Bamboo shoot pickles”, “Smoked pork”, And “Naga curry”.
  • Travel by public transport: Such as buses and shared taxis, is the most cost-effective way to get to Nagaland. Private cabs and cars can be rather costly, especially when traveling long distances.
  • Bargain at markets: Nagaland is noted for its bustling marketplaces that sell a variety of handicrafts, textiles, and other gifts. However, the prices might be fairly exorbitant, therefore bargaining and negotiating for a better deal is essential.


Nagaland is a place that has everything for everyone. Nagaland has something for everyone, whether you like nature, history, or food. With the government’s active efforts to promote tourism, Nagaland is a place that will enchant you with its magnificent scenery, rich culture, and legacy. So, pack your baggage and plan to visit Nagaland’s gorgeous state! Note: Before Planing to visit, Please Check any policy updates on Tourism Nagaland – Government of Nagaland official website.

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