How to Start Work on Neobux

Before working on Neobux You Have need  to singed up on Neobux
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Before working on neobux, you have
need to know something about that What Is neobux. How it’s works, & How I
get profit from this. I’ll tell you about all these kinds of information, what
is neobux, how it’s works & How you get profit from this.

First of All You Should know, “What
is Neobux”
Neobux is PTC
(Paid To Click) base advertise company which is provide his user to make money
online. Neobux is a 
popular PTC (paid to click) site that has been
around since 2006. In the world of PTC, that is a very long time. If you aren’t
familiar with PTC, they’re websites that let you sign up, usually for free, and
click on ads, Do Mini Jobs, Surveys, play games to earn money.
Neobux have many
option to make money online like View Advertisements, Mini Jobs, Surveys,
Games, Offers. But Most Popular is view Advertisements.

It’s Works
I was tell you It is
a advertisement company, therefore many others Business companies, website
owners, Institute are advertise own product on neobux. Neobux take some charges
for advertise their product and distribute his user. So Now you know that How
Neobux do works. This is totally fair & without scam program.

I get Profit with Neobux ?
If you are not already a member, click here to join Neobux.
Don’t warry! About this is completely free and takes only 2 minutes of your
time to sign up.

Once you sign up, you can start viewing available
ads and
Mini Jobs, Surveys,
Games, Offers,
start earning as well. But as I told you, your earnings
isn’t going to be very attractive now. So what we should do to increase our
earning. Today I will tell you, step by step How to increase  your earning.

The real way people use Neobux to make any sort of money (although in
most cases usually still a very small amount) is by referrals. You can either
directly refer others, or pay to rent referrals for a period of time and get
commissions on their activity.
Rented and direct referrals
Direct referrals –
these are referrals you personally brought to Neobux using your referral link,
either personally or using online advertising. These referrals are completely
free, but require effort to get a lot of them.

Rented referrals – these are referrals you “rent” for a certain
amount of time, and get paid for their activity. These are a lot easier to
obtain, but you need to buy rented referrals. Rented referrals is a good option
to make good money from this. Here is complete guide How to get rented

1. you can earn $0.025 on neobux by doing all ads of it.
2. You need to rent rented referrals for make good profit from neobux. The rented referrals are rented for 30 days.
3. The cost of one referral is $0.20 up to 250 rented referrals on neobux.
4.  You can get an average of 1.40 clicks per rented referral. The value of one click is $0.005 so you earn 1.40 x $0.005 = 0.007 per day from one referral and the value of daily Autopay is $0.0057 of one referral. Daily profit of one rented referral is ($0.007-$0.0057) = $.0013.

Note – If you don’t know about Autopay

First Stage –  In Neobux you can earn $0.025  per day from doing all ads. You make $0.60 in 24 days from ads. Then rent 3 referrals in $0.60. After that your daily income become $0.025 + $0.021 (3 x $0.007 = $0.021)  = $0.046. But your profit is $0.046

Second Stage –  After 13 days, you again make $0.60. Then rent more 3 referrals in $0.60  and $0.00 is remain in your balance and you have 6 RR (rented referrals). The daily income is become $0.025 + $0.021 + $0.021 = $0.067 .

Third Stage –  After 9 days , you make $0.067 x 9 = $0.603 . Then rent more 3 referral in $0.60 and $0.003 remain in your balance. Now the daily income is become $0.067 + $0.021 = $0.88 and now you have 9 RR.

Fourth Stage–  After 7 days , you make $0.88 x 7 = $0.707 . Then rent more 3 referral in $0.60 and $0.107 remain in your balance. Now the daily income becomes $0.101 + $0.027 = $0.128 and now you have 12 RR (because you add 3 RR and the number of removing RR’s is 3, so the number of RR’s remained in your account is 9 after 2 days from now. And your remaining balance have been increased).

Fifth Stage – After 7 days , you make ( $0.128 x 2 = $0.256 ) + ( $0.101 x 5  = $0.505 ) + $0.107 ( Remaining Balance) = $ 0.868 .   Then rent more 3 referral in $0.60 and $ 0.268 remain in your balance. Now the daily income is at  $0.128  (because you add 3 RR and the number of removing RR’s is 3 , so the number of RR’s remained in your account is 9 but your remaining balance is increased) . 

So I give a chart of 100 days to show you the growth of account. You have to follow this chart for more time until you reach 250 RR in this site and you are able to earn  $15  per month. And from 20 PTC sites, you can make 20 X $15 =  $300 per month. 
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