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Write With Us – Get Name, Fame & Money

We are looking for Guest Writers / Bloggers, who love to write original and unique articles.
Below are some terms and conditions that writers have to follow: 

Titles: –
The article title should be creative as well as catchy enough to make readers click on it. Writers have to send us at least three to five titles on

Word Count: –
Minimum 500 and Maximum 1200-2000 words. 

Images: –
Kindly attach images in the mail. Image width size should be more than 600 px in size. 

We follow a universal format of article writing.

  1. Introduce your traveling story (Opening)
  2. Describe your traveling story (pointers or text)
  3. Wrap up your traveling story with your opinion or a message (Conclusion)

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited: –
All the articles should be unique and original in nature as they will be COPYSCAPED. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to put up on other websites. The writer will be responsible for any Plagiarism Infringement. If the content is copied from anywhere and any incident of plagiarism will result in the exclusion of the writer without any questions asked. 

Other Terms And Conditions: –
No individual or brand endorsement/promotion/link is allowed in your content. If you have any advertisers for individual or brand promotion, you can contact us.
Yatraforall.in has reserved all rights to cancel this contract at any point in time without any explanation. 

Why Write For Us?
Articles will be published on yatraforall.in with your bylines. The writer should contribute to increasing Social Media engagement as more likes, shares, and reach will help writers to fetch more incentives as well.
It is an ideal platform for budding writers as the Yatra family destination is one of the most visited sites by traveling lovers and one can receive an awesome opportunity to showcase their writing, also get instant recognition, and learn about blogging.

If you are interested, then kindly send in your titles as well as your doubts to, amitp0410@gmail.com

Note: Terms and conditions may be revised or updated at any time by us.

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